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117: The Unread Shelf with Whitney Conard - Curate that Unread Shelf and Actually Get Them Read

In this episode, we had the wonderful experience of interviewing Whitney Conard from The Unread Shelf. She joins us for our bookish check-in (we're big Camille Pagán fans!), shares the origin story of The Unread Shelf Project, and offers tips to help all of us pare down those burdensome stacks of unread books. We round out our discussion with our "Give Me One" segment, talking about our favorite teas.

Bookish Check In

Jen - Camille Pagán’s Forever Is the Worst Long Time (on audio; narrator Timothy Andrés Pabon)

Sara - Knox McCoy’s All Things Reconsidered

Ashley - Helen Hoang’s The Bride Test

Whitney - Camille Pagán's This Won’t End Well

Other Mentions

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Anne Cleeves - The Long Call

Join Whitney on this Journey - # theunreadsshelf + the year

Whitney's Top Tips for Your Unread Shelves

Count your unread books

Put all of the unread books in one place

Prioritize the top reads for you

Figure out your barriers and figure out how to overcome them


Give Me One - Favorite Teas

Sara - Harney & Sons’ Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea (Black Tea with Orange and Sweet Clove), Herbal Element tea company

Ashley - Chai (Equal Exchange Organic Chai, 20-Count - Pack of 3)

Jen - Peppermint tea when sick

Whitney's recommendations - Irish Breakfast or Assam blend for coffee drinkers, Simpson and Vail tea company's author line (especially Jane Austen blend), Celestial Seasoning's Bengal Spice

Interested in what else we're reading? Check out our Featured Books page.


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