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Looking for a Book You Can't Stop Reading? Try These Recs!

Image of book stack with text on top - Looking for books you won't be able to put down? 6 Books I Couldn't Stop Reading

by Ashley Dickson-Ellison (@teachingtheapocalypse)

On Wednesday, we're sharing our recommendations for books we couldn't stop reading. Be on the lookout for our book recs when that releases Wednesday! That episode got me thinking about other books that I've found irresistible and that I couldn't stop reading... here are a few that felt that way for me!

This is a bit of an eclectic mix, but what they all have in common is that I could not stop reading them! I loved all of these books, and they were all five-star reads for me. You can't go wrong with anything on this list, and you can find something here to suit your style!

Talia Hibbert's Act Your Age, Eve Brown (Amazon | - Romance - I've shared about my absolute love for the Brown sisters before. This is my most favorite romance series to date, and although I enjoyed all three books immensely, Eve's story was my favorite of the three. I loved her brazenness and understood her self-doubt below the bravado. And I also adored Jacob, the autistic owner of the bed and breakfast where Eve finds herself early on in the book. This one is definitely steamy with colorful language (which is perfect for me but something to note if that is not your cup of tea with romance books!).

Leah Johnson's You Should See Me in a Crown (Amazon | - YA Lit - I loved Liz Lighty and her story, and this one was so compelling for me. I was captivated by the unusual set of circumstances that resulted in her running for prom queen at her school, and I loved the way we got to see Liz learn about her true self and the important role she's meant to play in her community. I shared my full review a little while back; you can't go wrong with this one!

Stephen Graham Jones's The Only Good Indians (Amazon | - Thriller/ Horror - This book, the first of Jones's books that I have read, will stay with me for a long time and was such an amazing read. Part myth, part horror story, part quest, part revenge, this book covers so much in such a richly woven story. I talked about this one in our speculative fiction episode last October (with the lovely author Virginia Soenksen), so check it out if you missed it!). You can't go wrong with this one (as long as you're okay with a bit of contextually appropriate gore), and it's a good one for the fall spooky reading season if you like doing seasonal reads.

T. J. Klune's The House in the Cerulean Sea (Amazon | - Fantasy - I loved this book from the second I met Linus and his curmudgeonly cat Caliope. I loved the feel of the book before Linus ever got to the house in the Cerulean Sea, but once he got there, I was overjoyed by the amazing and nuanced characters awaiting him. And Arthur, the caretaker, is one of my most favorite characters. I wrote a review of this one, too. It was one of my favorites from 2020!

Taylor Jenkins Reid's The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Amazon | - Historical Fiction - This was one that I loved so much that I couldn't stay away from it, but I was simultaneously sad when I realized that the story would soon be over because I was reading it so quickly. I went back and forth between the audio and the print copy (which wasn't easy because I didn't have WhisperSync... but that is how much I wanted to stay immersed in the story!). Both the audio narration and the print copy were outstanding! Here's my review of this one.

Stephen Rowley's The Guncle (Amazon | - Contemporary Fiction - This was a recent read for me, and I could not put it down. I loved everything about Patrick and his unexpected journey into being the primary caretaker for his niece and nephew, and I could not get enough of the the humor and the raw honesty in this beautiful book. I appreciated the way that Rowley explored grief, healing, and how to become our whole selves.

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Holly Hicks
Holly Hicks
Aug 06, 2021

I think I read Evelyn Hugo in two sittings. Which was a problem, because I definitely read it in the middle of a work week, and neglected a lot of around the house items on my to-do list. 😂

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