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Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Sara here with a list of some bookish gifts for all the book lovers in your life. If you listen to the pod, you know that I am all about gift-giving. AND there is nothing I love more than making a list of all the fab bookish gifts available. So, look no further than this list for a compilation of fantastic bookish gifts and shops that specialize in bookish gifts.

1. Non-fiction Coffee Co. -- I love coffee. There is something about grinding those beans in the morning and smelling the freshly brewing coffee that just makes my morning. And pouring that steaming coffee into my favorite mug. Gahhhh! Now I want coffee. I found Non-fiction Coffee Co. when I took a trip to Birmingham, AL last year. I love their ethically sourced coffee, and I love that proceeds from the sale of their coffee go back into communities in need both domestically and internationally.

2. Set of Classics Bookmarks -- If you listen to the pod, you know that I am not a huge fan of reading the classics, but I have so many friends who love all things related to the classics (looking at you, Jen!), so I love the idea of gifting these classics-loving friends with these gorgeous bookmarks from Lyndsey Draws Co. Lyndsey participated in our bookish giveaway fun in December, and she is amazing. I love all of the bookish items in her shop. She is constantly adding new stuff, too! So make sure to check the shop frequently.

3. Bookish Mug -- I own this bookish mug from Jenny Williams of Carrot Top Paper Shop. I love the oversized mug, and I every time I see the beautiful artwork and read the bookish quote, it makes me ridiculously happy.

4. Personalized Stationery Set-- Something I haven't talked a ton about on the pod is that I LOVE letter writing. AND I love beautiful, hand-crafted stationery. (I even have a bookish pen pal!) This is another item from Carrot Top Paper Shop. (Spoiler Alert: I love this shop and have made SO many purchases from it. It is one of my go to shops for bookish gifts!) I love this stationary because it is beautiful and has my name at the top. What more could you want?

5. Booksleeves from Happy Go Lovely Sleeves-- I have two shops that are my go-to shops for booksleeves. One is Happy Go Lovely Sleeves. I love these sleeves because the craftsmanship is off the charts, and the sleeves have a pocket in the front that I can keep a pen in and my ever-present book darts in--a must for me!

6. Booksleeves from A Hum for Hope -- These booksleeves are gorgeous! I love the faux leather bottom on these sleeves and the beautiful tying feature that makes sure my book is safe and sound. Kellie also participated in our bookish giveaway fun in December, and she was a joy. She has other beautiful items in her shop which I love just as much as her booksleeves.

7. Quotes on Book Pages -- All of us here at Unabridged are Harry Potter superfans. I love these quotes on recycled pages of Harry Potter books from Prickett Fence. They make a wonderful gift for a Harry Potter fan, and they are so reasonably priced! I bought one of these for my pen pal for her birthday, and it was a hit. Note: This shop is in the UK, so if you are ordering from the U.S., be sure to take into account the shipping time!

8. Riddles Tea Shoppe -- I have talked about Riddles Tea Shoppe on the pod before. I love tea so much, too! Coffee is for the morning, but a cozy cup of tea is for night. Riddles has a unique array of tea blends that taste delicious. In addition, many of the teas have a literary theme (ahem, Harry Potter!), which make them that much more desirable. The only issue is that the tea shoppe often sells out VERY quickly. So, if you decide to give this shop ago, don't tarry in your decision, or take advantage of the pre-sale orders that are sometimes available!

9. Pocket Notebooks -- These pocket notebooks from Obvious State are beautifully understated. They are small and make the perfect gift to slip into a card to a bookish friend. I love this Chopin one. Obvious State has a whole line of lovely stationery, totes, mugs, and other bookish items sure to please any bookworm.

10. Bookish T-shirt -- I LOVE this t-shirt from Bookshelf Tees. (Yes, I have it!) Who doesn't want a shirt that says "A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature"? I have several t-shirts from Bookshelf Tees, and I love them all. So, be sure to check out all the designs! They are so soft and flattering--I wear them all the time. She does do pre-orders for some shirts, and sell-outs are common, so if you like something, buy it quickly!

11. Book (Wine) Tote -- If you have never looked at Emily McDowell and Friends website, you are in for a treat. (As long as you are not easily offended! There is some spicy language on some products, so beware!) I love this tote I bought from the shop. It is sturdy, and I think it is hilarious because I moderate a book club at a winery--perfection! Note: This site won't be for everyone, but if you don't shy away from spicy language, you might get a chuckle!

12. Book Nerd beanie -- Do you need another beanie? The answer is yes if it is one of these Book Nerd beanies from Out of Print. Who doesn't want to sport a cute beanie professing his or her love for books? Answer: No one! I love the breadth of selection Out of Print offers. So many choices! Out of Print could be a one-stop shop for all the bookish things. AND they have bookish items for the little people in your life, so have a look! (Do you have a literary dress-up day coming up for your kiddos in elementary school? Out of print might have the answer!)

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