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Unabridged: Teachers Take on Books is a podcast that comes from the desire to share a love of reading, cultivate a reading community, and invite students to become lifelong readers.

Ashley, Jen, and Sara are teachers in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia doing a podcast together. We love reading and discussing books, and we're always looking to grow our TBR lists and to share what we've read with others. Check out our individual pages to learn more about each of us. 

We'd like to thank Jared Featherstone who created our theme music, Stephanie Failes who designed our logo, and Katie Ameigh, who is our podcast photographer. We're also so thankful to everyone who supported our Kickstarter. Check out our acknowledgements page to learn more about each of them.

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We also have Unabridged merch in our Tee Public store and classroom resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. We also get a small percentage of any purchase made through our links on this site. You can find us on Patreon, where we have a package for teachers and a package for book lovers, both of which include bonus content every month. Sharing what you love with others is a great way for us to grow! 

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