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Unabridged Services

Check out this page to see ways that you can personally connect with the Unabridged Crew and with our passion for books and reading! We are proudly offering CURATED BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS as our first service!

Unabridged Curated Book Recs

Curated Book Recommendations Copy.jpg

We're thrilled to offer curated book recommendations that you can give as a gift to a fellow book lover or can get for yourself! This is a great way to give a personalized gift or to treat yourself to some fun, personalized recommendations.

To participate in this LIMITED opportunity, fill out this form (for yourself or to give this as a gift). After signing up, you (or your bookish friend if this is a gift!) will send the Unabridged team some brief information about your bookish tastes—some books you like, a few you don't, whether you have any particular goals for your reading—and we'll send back 5 book recs personalized to your reading life.


It's $10 to participate, and we accept payment via PayPal and Venmo, both at unabridgedpod. (Click on the sample image to see more easily an example of what the recs will look like!)

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