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Loving Unabridged? Join Us!

If you're loving Unabridged and would like to participate in a free program where you promote us and we give you some swag, join us as an Unabridged Ambassador! See the details below, and fill out the form to join. We need your help, and we appreciate you! 

What Ambassadors Do for Us

What We Do for Ambassadors

We need Unabridged Ambassadors who are interested in helping us to promote the podcast in exchange for some small thank you gifts! 


If you're interested, you'll sign up for either a one-month or a three-month window and commit to 

  • Sharing our episode each week

  • Engaging in one other way each week: this could include 

    • promoting on social media,

    • sharing and linking to our site--and to specific posts on our site--whenever relevant,

    • sharing posts from our blog through the social media buttons at the bottom of the posts, and

    • rating, subscribing, and reviewing the podcast on Apple podcasts.


**All IG engagements should use the hashtag #unabridgedpodambassador and tag us @unabridgedpod.


Note: While we appreciate all interest and support, at this time only individuals with public IG accounts are eligible for participation in our program.

All Ambassadors also receive​:

  • A mention on our website,, for duration of participation.

  • Shout outs of Ambassador accounts that are then saved to our IG Stories in our Ambassador Highlights.

  • Exclusive giveaway opportunities for Ambassadors only.

  • An invitation to join the Ambassadors community in a private IG chat.


In addition to the list above, ambassadors will be able to participate in other exclusive opportunities and will receive swag periodically as a gesture of our thanks.

Because of shipping, swag is only available to ambassadors from the US.

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