Our Thanks

Thank you to our current (and very first!) Unabridged Ambassadors!

Amy B - @amylikestoreadalot​

Amy F - @amyfischer0923

Danica - @dlmiddle

Holly - @misshollyjolly

Pauline - @paulireads

Sarah - @themagicalreader, website - the Magical Reader 

Sally - @phoenixslib,  website - phoenixslibrary.com

Smaranika - @thebooksterforever

Suzy - @storiesandstitchn

Talie - @talielovesbooks, website - Taliesadventures.com

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Kickstarter Support

Kickstarter K.png

In May of 2020, we completed a Kickstarter to help fund our podcast. We are so grateful to everyone who supported this endeavor. We are humbled and thankful! Thank you to:

Leah Pedder

Guest 1791093474

Joshua Niday

Sandria Glasscock

Alan Rose

Erin Gienger

Caitlyn Fultz

Mary Claire Pedagno

Samantha Hoar

Podcast Support

We SO appreciate the many people helping us with this project. In addition to our family and friends, who are supporting us all in countless ways, we also want to give a shout out to a few people who are helping make this possible.

  • The amazing Jared Featherstone created "Strings of Light," the theme music for our show. Check out his music here

  • Stephanie Failes, graphic design guru, created the image we use for our logo. 

  • Katie Ameigh with Ameigh Photography used her phenomenal photography skills to take pictures of us together.

  • Matt Rickard has been helping us out with sound. 


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