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5 Versatile Authors to Check Out Now

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by Sara Voigt (@meaningfulmadness)

On Wednesday, we'll be sharing authors who write either for multiple age groups, genres, or both. We discussed several of our favorite authors on the episode. Here are some other authors who we love who write broadly!

Jason Reynolds: It is no secret that here at the podcast, we adore Jason Reynolds. He has a myriad of books written for both upper elementary/middle grade readers and young adult readers. Some of our favorites include The Track series (Amazon |, Long Way Down (Amazon |, Stamped from the Beginning: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix (co-authored with Ibram X. Kendi) (Amazon | Check out his website for a full list of his work.

Jenny Han: We loved the YA To All the Boys I've Loved Before series (Amazon | by Han (and the terrific Netflix adaptations). See our episodes here and here. But, did you know Jenny Han actually started out writing middle-grade fiction? For example, Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream (Amazon | is a book written for upper elementary and the middle grades. Shug (Amazon | is another book of Jenny Han's written for middle-grade readers. Needless to say, Jenny Han's books have mass appeal across middle grade to young adult (and even adult!) readers. Check out a full list of her work on her website.

James Patterson: Patterson is a well-known adult author for writing spine-tingling thrillers such as Along Came a Spider (Amazon | and Kiss the Girls (Amazon | He is also well known for heartfelt fiction such as the 2001 Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (Amazon | Did you know he also has several wildly popular middle-grade and YA series? His Middle School series (Amazon | (made for middle-school students, obviously) and his YA post-apocalyptic series, Maximum Ride (Amazon |, each have over nine books per series. If you check out his website, you will see how how truly prolific he is as a writer.

Alyssa Cole: Jen often talks about Alyssa Cole on the podcast as being a favorite romance writer. However, she has also written a thriller When No One Is Watching (Amazon |, which we have talked about several times on the pod. In addition, she has written two graphic novels, Bingo Love: Jackpot Edition (Amazon | and Reject Squad (not currently available for purchase). Check out her work on her website.

Neil Gaiman: Wow! Now, if you are looking for an author who writes for ALL age groups, look no further than Neil Gaiman. Gaiman's work includes adult, middle-grade, and children's books. You name the age, and Neil Gaiman has a book for you. Some of his work that you may have heard of includes American Gods (Amazon |, Coraline (Amazon |, The Graveyard Book (Amazon |, Pirate Stew (Amazon |, and the list goes on. Check out his huge breadth of work on his website.

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