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104: Debate - What Makes a Holiday Movie? - I'm Having a Conversation in My Head

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The Unabridged debate over what makes a holiday movie gets a little contentious as Jen and Sara face off (primarily) about Love Actually. Poor Ashley serves as moderator (sorry, Ashley!).

What do YOU think makes a Christmas movie? Does it have to be ABOUT Christmas, or is it enough to be set during the holiday season? Let us know what you think @unabridgedpod!

Movie Mentions

Love Actually


Christmas with the Kranks

Deck the Halls

Jingle All the Way

Notting Hill

The Polar Express

The Family Stone

The Christmas Shoes

Other Mentions

The Popcast

The Atlantic articles on Love Actually 

Give Me One - A Toy You Loved When You were a Kid

Jen's pick - Barbies (organized by name and age) 

Sara's pick - roller skates

Ashley's pick - my teddy bear Fuzzy

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