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45 - The Longest Short Episode Ever: Book-to-Film Adaptation of Angie Thomas's THE HATE U GIVE

"For me, my art is my activism and storytelling is my activism, so that’s what I’m going to continue to do, and also encourage people to define that for themselves and also remember throughout this, this is not a sprint — it’s a marathon. I think we have to get back to the idea that the first act of resistance is self-care." ~Angie Thomas in "Amandla Stenberg And Angie Thomas On 'The Hate U Give', Code-Switching, And Using Art As Activism"

Mentioned in Episode

Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give (the book)

The Hate U Give (film)

Other Resources

Tanisha C. Ford's "The Complexity of Black Girlhood Is at the Heart of The Hate U Give"

David Canfield's "The Hate U Give Author Angie Thomas on Why It's Wrong to Ban Her Black Lives Matter Novel"

Kyle Buchanan's "With One Strong Word, ‘The Hate U Give’ Couldn’t Hold Its Tongue"

Ani Onibada's "Amandla Stenberg And Angie Thomas On 'The Hate U Give', Code-Switching, And Using Art As Activism"

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