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Anne Bogel's DON'T OVERTHINK IT: Procrastinate No More! (and Pre-Order Today) - Jen's Review

Thanks to partner NetGalley for the digital ARC of Anne Bogel’s Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life. The book releases on March 3.

I learned so much from Anne Bogel’s new, brilliant book Don’t Overthink It. (One thing I learned is the likely reason I have procrastinated writing this review: as a perfectionist, I want my review to be perfect, and since I know I can never fully communicate just how relevant and powerful I found the book, I just keep putting off beginning my review. But, I’m writing it. That means progress past perfectionism, right?!)

Anne Bogel is, herself, an epic overthinker, and she therefore weaves real-life examples of overthinking and its consequences into her book: “Before long, I’m snared in the too-familiar spin cycle of overthinking, unable to focus on anything else. I know the signs: lots of mental action, none of it constructive, all the while knowing I have better things to do. All my mental energy is consumed by the forecast—which I can’t do a thing about—instead of the things that actually need my attention” (loc 143). She shares one example in which dithering in the grocery store about whether to buy flowers—and, if so, which ones—left her (1) without flowers and (2) without another key ingredient she needed to pick up. So much of her brain power went to overthinking a small, simple decision that she didn’t have the mental space necessary to take care of what she actually needed to do. It’s these kinds of examples, which she uses both to begin each chapter and to drive home points throughout each new principle, that helped me as a reader to see both how relevant this book is and the consequences of overthinking in my own life.

Looking back at my galley, I have a highlight on almost every page. There’s a lot to discover here (and there’s joy in the discovery), but I found powerful her advice about perfectionism, about routine and ritual, and about values-based decision making. Anne is great both at helping readers to identify their own overthinking habits and also at offering solutions that we can implement immediately. Her ideas are backed up by research, but the facts never encroach on the warmth that characterizes everything Anne does, whether it’s her podcast, her blog, or one of her three phenomenal nonfiction books.

I learned so much from Don’t Overthink It . . . and had so many uncomfortable moments of recognition and reflection and growth. These learning experiences meant that I was experiencing the truth of Anne Bogel’s ideas and writing. I think this book is great both for those who overthink themselves OR who have an overthinker in their lives (I’m definitely going to share this book with my husband!). I highly recommend Anne Bogel’s Don’t Overthink It—don’t dither! Pre-order today.

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