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Book Review- Jenny Bayliss's The Twelve Dates of Christmas - A Fun Rom-Com for the Holidays

by Sara Voigt (@meaningfulmadness)

Book Cover for The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

The holidays are upon us! Woo-hoo! If you have been listening to the pod, you know that I have been deep in holiday reading since mid-October. I have read some fun holiday reads in that time, and one of my favorites is Jenny Bayliss's The Twelve Dates of Christmas. (Thanks to Putnam Books #partner for my ebook review copy! All opinions are my own.) I talked about this in this week's episode that focuses on Christina Lauren's In a Holidaze, but wherein we each share a holiday read that we have enjoyed. My pick was The Twelve Dates of Christmas.

Our protagonist is the delightful Kate Turner, a former Londoner who has relocated several years prior to the small, cozy town of Blexford, England, to be near her father who was left reeling after Kate's mom left him for their financial planner. Kate is a fabric designer (so cool!) and also bakes delicious baked goods for the local café, which also happens to be owned by her childhood friend, Matthew, turned nemesis, turned back to friend. Whew! Kate has signed up for a local dating event where she will go on a date with a different suitor for twelve dates. Hijinks ensue.

I love a book set in England, and the cozy town of Blexford sounds like a town I want to visit. Like, right now. It is so quaint and sweet. I love the town SO much. This book has a strong cast of supporting characters, and I just love the community represented in the town. It is also funny and heartwarming. It is a bit different than the standard fair holiday read. As a mother, Kate's best friend Laura is my favorite. She is the mother of a precocious toddler and a baby and I can just relate to her so much. Bayliss's book is just the right mix of romantic comedy, friendship, and family. It is everything I want in a holiday read.

Lastly, if you are hungry when you read this, beware! You know how I love a food book, and the descriptions of the delicious baked goods that Kate makes for the café--oh my goodness--I wanted to bake and eat all the things. (You have been warned!)

I hope you will give this book a chance. I really loved it. It is one of my favorite holiday books I have read in awhile. Let me know if you read it! Comment below or send me a DM over @unabridgedpod on Instagram!

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