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Rainbow Rowell's PUMPKINHEADS, illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks -- Jen's Review

Updated: Jan 15

Thanks to Partner NetGalley for the egalley chapter sampler of Rainbow Rowell's Pumpkinheads!

Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite authors, and Pumpkinheads promises to be a fabulous addition to her oeuvre. Based on this chapter sampler, her graphic novel with illustrator Faith Erin Hicks offers realistic, vulnerable, charming characters in a perfect setting for a YA focus. Josiah and Deja are embarking on their last day working at the pumpkin patch before they leave for college. Deja is determined that Josiah will gather enough nerve to talk to his long-time crush, another employee.

Rowell's insight into relationships is always enough to make me giddy. I can't wait to read Pumpkinheads!

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