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50: Gretchen Anthony's EVERGREEN TIDINGS FROM THE BAUMGARTNERS - These Random People at Dinner

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

   "This is me. This is my family. This is love."
                                   ~Gretchen Anthony

Spoilers are inevitable throughout our discussion, so consider whether or not to listen if you haven't yet read the book, Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners! ​ Timeline

Introduction and Summary of the Book: 0:00 - 01:13

Main Discussion: 01:13 - 33:43​

Book Pairings: 33:53 - 43:15

Classroom Connections: 43:15 - 45:38

Book Pairings

Jen - Helen Hanff's 84, Charing Cross Road 

Ashley - Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Sara - Josie Silver's One Day in December

Other Mentions 

Gilmore Girls TV series

Cath Crowley's Words in Deep Blue

Interested in what else we're reading? Check out our Featured Books page.

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