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Anne Bogel's DON'T OVERTHINK IT: There's Still Time! - Ashley's Review

Phew! Anne Bogel’s amazing new book, Don’t Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life, left me with a lot to think about and plenty to celebrate as I reflect on the tips learned and consider what is most important. Thanks to #partner Netgalley for my early ebook copy; publication date is March 3, 2020. There’s still time - don’t forget to preorder now to support Anne Bogel and to improve your quality of life!

What I loved

Friends, there is so much to love about this book. First of all, I thought Bogel’s perspective on the topic was so positive. Anne Bogel highlights the fact that while many overthinkers do not devote energy or thought into changing this behavior, there are scientific reasons to believe that we can in fact change our thought patterns for the better. I also really appreciated the “next steps” sections throughout the book asking readers to answer some clear, focused questions to guide their reflections. Finally, the focus on actionable items throughout each section was invaluable for me as a person who can become overwhelmed quite easily.

What this book helped me celebrate

While reading Don’t Overthink It did cause some uncomfortable self-examination at times, Bogel’s book also really helped me celebrate some things that are going well right now. As I reflected, I realized that any time I’m putting into things that I value and believe in is time well spent. I also was happy to embrace the idea that distractions are good and that exercise (which makes a HUGE difference for me with my mental health) is worth the time it takes. I also appreciated Bogel’s affirmation that letting go is a good thing and not something that should cause guilt.

What I plan to put in practice

I love the ideas Bogel shares about using a matrix to help with decision making, such as meal preparation and wardrobe planning. This kind of planning is very comforting to me, so I’m reflecting on ways that I can integrate more matrices into my life and my routines. I also love Anne’s tips about completing the cycle whenever possible -- since having children, I find that I often have way too many open loops, so I’m examining ways to close some of those loops when possible. Finally and most significantly, I appreciate the tips about practicing gratitude and using mantras and rituals. I’m now keeping a VERY brief daily journal (inspired by this amazing blog post) to help with gratitude, I’m considering which mantras I already subconsciously use, and I’m examining the routines I currently have to examine how they could be transformed into more of a ritual than a routine.

Why you should buy this book

I loved both of Anne Bogel’s other two books, and this one did not disappoint! Even if you’re not a book lover like me, if you find yourself swimming in indecision, spiraling into nonproductive thought patterns, or obsessing over the details of your life (who doesn’t get there from time to time?), then this is the perfect practical guide that can really help you in tangible ways. Be on the lookout for our upcoming episode where Jen, Sara, and I talk about this book, and let us know your thoughts!

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