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Welcome - Introduction and Overview

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Just getting started with Unabridged Podcast? Welcome! We're Ashley and Jen, and we are both passionate about books and getting them into readers' hands. Jen is a high school English teacher. Ashley spent 17 years in education but started a podcast management business in the summer of 2021. We share episodes twice a month (one bookish topic and one book club pick), and we write bookish content for the blog including Bookish Faves and book reviews. We have a tremendous amount of bookish content on our blog, so dig in to see what's there!

There are many ways to connect with us! In addition to our monthly book club pick that we discuss the last week of the month on the podcast, we also have buddy reads on Instagram every month for a YA or middle grade selection; check out our highlights on our profile to see those! You can keep up with upcoming episodes, buddy reads, and book club selections by signing up for our newsletter. We also have lots of bonus content on Patreon for our supporters, and for teachers, we have discussion guides, book flight guides, and other resources over on our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Within the blog, we use hashtags to sort our genres and other specific content areas. Check out these hashtags to find content related to your favorites!

Please note that we decided not to tag authors or titles. We cover A LOT of books within some of our episodes, so we didn't want to overwhelm people with hashtags! Don't see something you love? Let us know! We're always happy to get recommendations from listeners.

Click on the hashtag to view all relevant posts.

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